Fine artist.
Shay Ewen is an artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Website Design & Development
She needed a website to showcase her work and to be able to update the website herself, as she is always creating new artwork and didn't want to have to rely on a website company to update it for her. I created this online portfolio through which people can enquire about buying her artwork, they can order their own personal portraits. Through the Content Management System, Shay is able to have full control over the text and images, and she can even crop the images to correct shape she requires.
Decor Website & Development
"I could not be happier with my website! Thank you so much for taking my vision and making it happen!"
Niruba has done a spectacular job on my website and any additions or changes I have requested have been done quickly and effectively. She has a thorough understanding of her work, loves what she does and I know she treats each new website as her next masterpiece/work of art.
Shay Ewen, Visual / Fine Artist - Shay