Georigina Archary Studio
Eye-Catching Memories.
Georigina Archary Studio is a new start-up studio based in Toronto, Ontario, offers in a wide variety of photography and videography services. They believe in the importance of perfection on their customers' special day, whether it a wedding, engagement or family photo shoot. They use their talent, chemistry as a team and devotion to create the memories with love. Georigina Archary Studio's goal is to capture these memories in the most professional and talented way possible.
Hand Brush Script
The logo that I designed was made to capture the natural movement of a brush script filled with the elegance of a copperplate hand. I wanted to make sure that the logo connects each other as natural and seamless as a handwriting would be. I also created their business card.
VSM Logo Design White
VSM Logo Design Dark
VSM Business Card Display 1
"Working with Niruba was extremely rewarding"
Niruba turned out to be the best choice in the world for the job of designing a logo for my photography. She understood every aspect of how the logo needed to feel and just nailed it. Niruba is an absolute pleasure to work with, and a true professional. Rest assured, NG Designs is one of the best choices out there for your creative needs.
Georigina Archary, Professional Photographer / Owner - Georigina Archary Studio